Craig Greenway & SFMG

The PDA/IPA Difference

Healthcare today is full of uncertainty. The healthcare delivery and financing space is on the cusp of major change. Uncertainty can bring doubts about the future.  As we all know, business planning and practice management are more important now than ever to help reduce those doubts.  Also important, but maybe less in-focus than practice management, is the task of managing personal finances.  Without effective planning, personal finances can certainly cause doubts and anxiety about the future as well.

With this in mind, your Management Services Organization (MSO) is endlessly seeking avenues to add support for our physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, chiropractic doctors, and various allied health providers. This is a PDA difference. We review, study, challenge, and when justified, push new resources out to you for consideration.

Today, we would like to introduce you to Craig Greenway, CPA, CFP, Managing Director of SFMG Wealth Advisors (SFMG).  We met Craig several years ago through a civic board relationship serving the Metrocrest Hospital Authority (MHA).  He is the current President of the board and has always shown an intense interest in the financing and delivery of care in our community.  He is a knowledgeable wealth management executive and, through MHA, is very familiar with healthcare issues.

We place great value in Craig’s leadership. We have come to appreciate and understand how he and SFMG help their clients through the wealth management process.  While PDA works hard to provide managed care solutions, Craig and his team can help you plan your personal financial future. And as we all know, financial confidence in these changing times is invaluable.

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