An Invitation

How does an independent physician figure out this new normal of medicine?  One approach is to throw up his hands and become the employee of a big hospital system.  However, this path is not without issues. If a hospital pays you to work, it has a legitimate right to demand the performance it desires.  But if one passes on punching the clock and elects to work as an independent, the confusion seems overwhelming. There is much political change and mis-information making it hard to keep a strategic direction for the practice.  PDA has answers.

Recently, there have been many “Deal Makers” knocking on the practitioner’s door to get a signature for this or that.  And, there are reimbursement gnomes everywhere that promise a greater percentage of pay for a specific CPT code. They want you to drop your current affiliations and friends for special new pay increments. They say that all the physician needs to do is share information, use a marked-down EMR,…dah-tee-dah.  We have been here before. It is really confusing and not easy to sort out which way to go. We know it is difficult to practice medicine today.  PDA has answers.

That is why we have been mobilizing for two years to get to the point of direct contracting and effective medical management.  PDA has said all along that it is essential to hang together and work to make the members more money without bureaucracy or longer hours.  We do standard IPA tasks well, credentialing and contracting at a price sometimes half that of the competition.  But, the big news is that we are now quoting direct contract business. That is a big deal.  We are saying that we have agents and brokers marketing your practice!  That is great news!  When we stood before the Dallas Association of Health Underwriters and explained the Flagship Narrow Network, they heard us and recognized our value. The agents and brokers have direct influence on the commercial customers we want for our physicians. We need the community based business leaders to look to us for primary and specialist care. And, we need our providers to come forward and spend some time with us to learn just what this means. We need to be better informed before the big competition arrives.

What does it mean when Scott & White and BUMC, along with other hospital giants, come after the local business person’s benefits business? What does it mean when BUCHA (Blue Cross, United, Cigna, Humana, and Aetna) rolls out exchange products and their own “Narrow Networks”?  These are tough questions.  We need to think about these questions and understand how the niche of the independent practitioner is impacted.

We are totally committed to our independent practitioner members and our ability to sell successfully in the local community. We need to talk with you about our markets. We need to discuss our medical management programs. We need to work together more closely to protect our business and the independent practitioner’s interest. Call us and begin the dialogue.