Role of the Company Doctor

Many primary care physicians feel that pushing patients through the turnsitle of their office daily is not an exciting prospect and not the kind of medicine they trained to practice.  The fee structure provides little incentive for spending quality time with a patient, for preventive care, and for management of chronic illness.  Instead, the PCP is driven to isolate a single acute problem, write a prescription, make a referral, and schedule another appointment for problems that could not be addressed within the confines of a 99213 visit.

The Flagship Physician Network is a program for self-funded employers and for physicians who wish to practice quality medicine.  It has new priorities and new incentives.  At the heart of this program is the “Company Doctor” who will work with the business owner or CEO to develop an overarching strategic plan for employee health.  Looking through the window of biometrics and armed with historic health claims data, the physician will be prepared to work with the employees in a proactive manner.  The insurance plan will be designed to encourage dealing with multiple problems during a single visit and will focus on management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and pulmonary disease.  Special attention can be given to addiction, obesity, and mental health.  Workers compensation with work hardening and ergonomics will play a prominent role as well.

The overall goal is to impact the healthcare cost of the employees and of the company as a whole while improving productivity.  This can be accomplished when the needs of the employer, of the employees, and of the physician are brought into proper alignment.  PDA blogs will be addressing this concept over the next several months.