Code Green: Physicians Needed in the Business Office!!!

There is a need for physicians in the business office. No… not in the emergency department or radiology, but in the business office of the Management Services Organization (MSO). We are reaching out to identify a cadre of physicians to provide input and energy to the MSO.

The MSO is a business unit, a corporation actually, that has been contracted long-term to provide managerial leadership to Physicians Direct Access (PDA), the IPA; and to the Flagship Physician Network (FPN). Think of the MSO as the business engine for IPA members.

The MSO does what must be done in a managed care world, with accuracy and in a cost-effective manner. For example, the MSO is essential in the world of credentialing managed care and Medicare Advantage contracts, the sale of services, products, and other development services for independent practitioners. That is a lot.

With that definition in mind, there is a big change coming that will impact PDA’s status quo. Tenet Healthcare Corporation (THC) has accomplished two major events. First, it is operationalizing a clinically integrated organization (CIO) of owned and contracted practitioners. And, PDA is enthusiastically contracting with the CIO to both learn what that is about and how it can most benefit PDA membership. Second, Baylor Scott and White Healthcare has agreed to an alignment of shared business objectives with THC. These events are well explained by the hospital operators, Dallas Business Journal, Modern Healthcare, etc. One thing that is clear is that the Dallas healthcare marketplace has changed forever. In the meantime, unless they are satisfied with punching a clock or preserving an increasingly head-down work lifestyle, independent physicians ought to figure out the detailed flow of money. Also, it is important to elect leaders who are aware of where everything business-related is headed.

There is much to do! The PDA/IPA is wonderfully positioned. New membership is growing, Flagship sales are increasing, old debts are being retired, and meaningful dialogue with the membership is continuing. What is needed now is increased physician involvement and leadership in the IPA. The board and leadership are to be renewed and refreshed. The MSO has plans for significant reinvigoration of the current mantra that led to its support by independent physicians, i.e., strategies that must lead to improved compensation for PDA members with no additional regulation or process involved, and all improvements are built on the expectation of not adding to the members’ workload.

More to follow…