Invitation To A Focus Group

Physicians Direct Access, the independent physician’s IPA, invites you to a unique focus group. Most medical practice surveys tend to assume that every physician has a clear idea of how they feel. Maybe so… Maybe not.

Focus groups can help in clarification and gaining real understanding of final-form thoughts and opinions. This is different from a generic survey focused solely on collecting data. A small, well-managed focus group has the capacity to develop an understanding of things at a deeper level. When well executed, focus groups create an environment that puts participants at ease, allowing them to freely answer questions and come up with suggestions.

You are invited to participate in a small group setting, exploring the relationship of a billing service to an IPA. This topic is a major impact on the future of independent physicians and clinicians.

If you wish to participate, please enlist below and the IPA will let you know about the time, place, and such. The entire process will be less than an hour and a half.


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