Announcing the Flagship Launch

The Flagship leadership has obtained insurance licenses and experience needed to function as a benefits consultant.  And, we have rejuvenated our physician IPA platform, PDA of Texas, upgrading PDA service to its physicians, and doubling its size, always with the goal of helping our provider members make more money with no extra hassle or time commitment.  The past year has revolved around building a strong relationship with three great local hospitals.  And, we have a number of other hospitals and physicians that are in the queue. We are grateful for the price concessions and support that our hospital partners have provided. 

We also have a terrific national network that surrounds the three “Narrow Network” markets. We can now care for people in New York, Los Angeles, or Cut and Shoot, Texas. The physician network is alive! Seriously, we now have access to more than 5,000 hospitals, 90,000 ancillary centers and 540,000 physicians and healthcare professionals.

We know that there is much to learn about the benefits business, the Accountable Care Act, and the economic issues of delivering high quality care.  We are working hard and invite your help. This is a physician-driven initiative. Consider rolling up your sleeves and pitching in.

As part of the “new normal”, we are now actively soliciting direct contracts with local businesses. Members of the Flagship and PDA now have a true sales team working on their behalf.  Our physicians are no longer simply waiting for patients to walk through the door.  We are assembling a real sales team. To make this happen, we made a presentation at the Dallas Association of Health Underwriters!  We spoke to a standing room only crowd.  The Flagship concept was warmly received, and many agencies, agents, and brokers have made requests for additional information.  Ask your brokers if they are going to sell the Flagship.  It’s time for them to choose sides and be committed. If they insure your office, should they not market the Flagship?  This is exciting progress!  We’ve got a high-value product.

As we go direct to the market to contract for benefits packages, we need physicians who can perform as a “Company Physician”.   If we contract with a manufacturing company in Rockwall, for example, we would like to offer them the name of a primary care physician who will take special interest in that company.  He can perform as the “go-to” physician for that group of employees.  Some of our PDA physicians are now performing in this capacity, and the opportunity has been very rewarding for them.

The Flagship is moving forward and is now a functioning enterprise.  Flagship patients will be identifiable by their branded insurance cards.    When you encounter them, you will have the opportunity to let them know that you are enthusiastic and committed to providing high-quality, cost-efficient care.  These patients will help spread the word and build on our success. If you have any questions, call the Flagship at 972-484-5888.