A Review of Your IPA


A Series of Updates

“Facts and Services”

Physicians Direct Access (PDA), an independent physicians association (IPA), announces that it has extended the management services contract (MSO). The term of the new agreement assures a long-term commitment to the current MSO. The MSO business unit provides messenger model managed care contracting services and practitioner credentialing to the multi-specialty physician membership of PDA. The IPA membership has served Dallas-Fort Worth metro-area patients for over two decades. Membership is open to physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other licensed clinicians. The provider group is also now open through an MSO operated contracting track to “Designated Providers” composed of outpatient and inpatient facility and service providers plus individual counselors and therapists.

Current managed care contracts served by the IPA number forty plus. A Medicare advantage pilot program is also serviced by PDA. A branded national product based a self-funded platform is the IPA’s developing avenue into clinical integration (CIO type technology), population management coordinated with disease intervention/wellness programing, and practitioner access to insurance licensure training. Future plans include development of Transitional Care Centers. The next generation of worker on-site monitoring is also being pursued. The primary IPA goal is to integrate PDA coordinated care in a collegial role with practitioners and national hospital systems.

The mission of PDA is to provide the member physician with new profitable revenues that are free from bureaucratic burden and do not add to the existing time of work commitment.



Physicians Direct Access (PDA) has been invited to consider specific participation in a Clinically Integrated Organization (CIO)

The IPA membership of PDA is composed of independent practitioners. PDA has shown great resiliency through its long history as a messenger model IPA and credentialing service. It is low cost and efficient in the scope of its role. Now, the forces of competition and healthcare reform are changing both the delivery system landscape and how hospital systems operate. PDA either must become more effective, aggressive and overt with its members or run the risk of being enveloped by the business environment of medicine, i.e., hospitals, group practices, insurers, etc.

The commitment of PDA is to determine how to increase practitioner income without bureaucratic burdens or demands for more direct work. Optimistically, the opportunities that are available in the Dallas-Fort Worth market for clinically integrated programs are to be investigated and presented, in both the messenger model format and other structures. It is a time for attention and robust analysis of new opportunities for the benefit of our organization and membership.
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MSO Management Team Announcement

The IPA for independent physician interests and ventures has a major resource announcement. Michael Caine, CPA, JD has joined the Management Services Organization (MSO) to support PDA’s interests and goals.

Mr. Caine provides the experience of a Certified Public Accountant that has served as a member of an international accounting firm. His financial expertise will complement the Chief Financial Officer of the MSO, Wayne A. Bertsch, CPA. Their efforts are supported by G. Allen Fischer, CPA of Shelburne Fischer Sheeley CPAs, PC. The development of such a stellar financial team around the MSO CEO, Harris W. Miers Jr., MBA is to provide competitive professionalism for the independent physician interests and ventures. This is necessary in the era of clinically integrated organizations (CIOs), population management, and reward-based contracting.

Mr. Caine is also an experienced tax and litigation attorney. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School and is licensed in the states of Texas and Michigan. The current challenges and opportunities facing independent physician ventures require such expert legal guidance.

PDA is a “reinvigorated, renewed” organization. It has, over a two-year period, developed a relationship with a healthcare ecosystem, enhanced credentialing, successfully piloted a Medicare risk-contracting project, and maintained a broad base of messenger model contracts. It has endeavored to be supportively available to the developing Tenet Healthcare Corporation’s CIO, and has contractual affiliations with regional and national physician interests. 2015 is the beginning of a new level of service by Physicians Direct Access, Inc.

For Additional Information
Thomas Urquhart IV
MSO Marketing Director

The Hospital Building Race

Physicians Direct Access (PDA) and the “FLAGSHIP PHYSICIAN NETWORK” (FPN) are committed advocates for the independent physician constituency in DFW. That stance requires PDA to perform credentialing and managed care messenger model contracting services in a stellar fashion. The mission also extends to providing an accessible view of the local macro healthcare market and how that impacts the individual independent practitioner. And, the summary purpose is to determine new ways to make the membership more income while minimizing direct effort and any accompanying regulation/bureaucracy. That is the evolving mission of this enterprise.
Today, the message continues to be that there is a major battle underway for healthcare system marketplace positioning:
Healthcare : brick & mortar = a surge in beds and facilities.

That grab for “location, location, location” has created a 5 Billion dollar wave of hospital construction. Think about that for a moment. And, now we shall put some $$$ next to the thought:

• Parkland Hospital $1.33 Billion
• William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital $800 Million
• Methodist Dallas Medical Center Charles Sammons Tower $123 Million
• Medical City Dallas Hospital (Expansion) $126 million
• Medical Center Alliance (New hospital and medical office building)

Those beds and facilities demand throughput and acceptable payments to carry the new financial responsibility. It is important to note that the other major players, i.e. Baylor Scott White, Children’s, Forest Park Medical Center, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, and many others are making ongoing investments that require “Throughput”, i.e., volume. Is this a “bubble” in the making or a prudent preparation based on correct research of patient need and the ability to fund services?

This regional build-out of significant capacity sends a message to the independent physician. There is a great opportunity in medicine as an economic machine runs on physician energy and quality. The new challenge is how to strategically position the independent physician as a participating, profit making participant in the expected era of growth and the coming competitive battle of hospital giants for “Throughput”.
Here is the new mission of your IPA that is growing to provide opportunity beyond the important services traditionally assigned to an IPA.

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