Transitional Care and The Flagship

The Flagship Physician Network is laser focused on the American Worker’s healthcare needs. And, that applies to white collar, blue collar, male, female, single, or married, etc.…Flagship client’s workforces enjoy “best-of-breed” access to traditional wellness, diagnostics, and broad scope episodic care. Our clients have a big “hooray” for an outstanding product and service. Our medical providers echo the customers’ “well done”. 2014 has been a great year of development and delivery.

But, the Flagship ecosystem needs to do much more. There is an unmined major opportunity for saving additional big dollars and doing good. That is the major area of “Chronic Disease”. The Flagship Physician Network (FPN) is building a new transitional care model that will constructively impact these expensive, productivity sapping downward spiraling aspects of life. “Chronic Disease” issues include: “insulin resistance leading to diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular issues, body composition related to obesity (BMI), pulmonary compromised issues, orthopedics pain and restrictions, depression, anxiety, addictions, neurological migraines, eating disorders, etc.”

Flagship is not alone in this awareness that effective population management is the key to positively managing “Chronic Disease”. The national consensus is that coordinated care must be able to identify and isolate chronic illness. Once diagnosed, chronic disease must be managed at the right level of acuity and expense. This is the critical junction for a system of transitional care. Here…diagnosis, intervention, and proactive transitional care are to be coordinated in a cost effective disease specific protocol.

This portal is the way to create positive and geometric benefits to clients. Here is help for the worker and their dependents that struggle with a lifestyle and financially sapping disease that ultimately may lead to an end-of-life event. This is where the Flagship ecosystem approach excels! Contact us today to learn more about the payoff from a transitional care strategy.

“Speaking for Your Interests”

The Flagship Physicians Network is in daily contact with the marketplace. The message from prospects and customers is that the majority of American’s believe that healthcare is destined to be more expensive in the future. One poll states that 40%+ believe that quality is actually trending down from today’s levels. Yes, the majority of Americans have a great concern that this essential industry may not be on the right track to anywhere, except a federalized confusion or a single payor system. This is the “main street” market place that our thirty or so brokers prospect every day for business.
While projections of the future theorize that hospital system consolidation will result in less than 100 surviving large, regional systems, our independent providers tell us that they are looking at a future through a darkening lens. That calls for greater support of our strategy of community based healthcare. Inaction just does not clear the lens.
The message that physicians care about, real solutions, is barely audible to the main street business operator. PDA and the Flagship marketers are striving to communicate that we “n’est-ce pas”, i.e., “we get it”. We are tired of hearing about the same old issues, i.e., bureaucratic waste, billing games, lack of coordination, toothless wellness, and unclear management of chronic disease. We do get it. Our solution is what the Flagship Brand contests with on daily basis. We totally believe that our new future is managing population health to a measurable, robust level. And, that positive goal is intertwined with chronic disease diagnosis, intervention and care. Together we can forge a new future.
We have to find additional numbers of practitioners and clinicians with courage and voice. Voice is huge factor. Who speaks for you if we do not? The opposing dialogue and debate against the independent physician is very challenging and loud. When periodicals broadly list the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics to rank the top ten best-paying jobs in the USA, who is top earner? Anesthesiologists are on the top ($235,100) and close behind are surgeons & OB/GYNs ($233,200 & $219,000). It is interesting that Chief Executives stack up in ninth place. The top eight slots are all healthcare professionals. Those numbers may be high or low, but such a message on a newspaper’s “page one” does not generate much public support for the practitioner and the cause of physician led solutions. We work every day to appropriately correct the misinformation and to factually present Physician Value.
We have a great value to serve you as a leader. We are a fearless, pragmatic voice. We are working to tell it as it is. We are in those small business offices and speaking to any group that will hear us. The independent physician has so much to offer. We will keep the drumbeat going. Please feel the beat and assist in our campaign for self-directed, equal monthly premium healthcare services.