From the MSO

The Management Services Organization that serves as the leadership component for Physicians Direct Access, Inc. (PDA), your IPA, is very focused on:

• How to create new revenue and profit options for your practice.
• Minimizing regulations and bureaucracy
• Avoidance of calling for more time and labor

Now, we are focusing on a “NEW” mantra. It is expressed in one big word. A symbolic word that is easy to say and explain. The word is “Growth”.

The business aspect of PDA is performing well. And, it will improve additionally. The relationships with other important entities such as Tenet Healthcare, Baylor Scott & White, HCA, etc. and the managed care oligopoly has never been better. Credentialing, membership, and contracting is running smoothly. The long-standing pattern of PDA performing well and in a cost-effective manner is holding steady. The 2016 goal of service maintenance and no new expense is also attainable in the current environment.

Also, “steady” applies to the IPA’s growth. It is clearly time to determine new avenues of membership growth. Please understand that the primary, initial benefit from growth is the ability to hold the line in costs to the membership. Growth also fuels the upside, exciting benefits that drive member income…but the goal of holding costs-of-operation to plan is the first financial goal.

The MSO has been meeting in small group discussion teams to review and study who PDA is and how it is working in this DFW market of Insurance mergers, ACOs, CIOs, “deals”, etc. From these discussions and strategic planning, the growth objectives and action plans will occur. Physician input and buy-in are also an important ingredient of planning.

These are exciting times with the control and financing of healthcare is in transition. PDA aspires to be smart, nimble, and financially stable. We will be the epitome of wellness, people centered “live what is advocated”. That is a big commitment. And, when PDA “hits the wall” from the unrelenting pace of market change, there is only one solution: “climb the wall.”

A Special Thanks:
Dwight A. Lee MD continues to give his time and passion to PDA. The MSO asks that you recognize Dr. Lee as a leader and Medical Director. He should be recognized by business leaders, other physician groups, specialty associations, and ventures as a professional asset of great value. Well done!

The PDA Difference

It is Renewal Time Again…………..
The PDA Management Services Organization (MSO) is an active component of a working healthcare ecosystem. While the interaction of most PDA members has primarily been with the credentialing and managed care aspects of the association, the Flagship Physician Network has much more going on. How to design, deliver and finance benefits is our challenge.

Population Management Product: The market “Brand” of the MSO Flagship’s population management service is currently working on a “demonstration model” to identify, treat, and engage the actual and potential challenges of chronic disease and behavioral issues in the workforce. The client operates a sophisticated manufacturing business. This business has the operational challenges of maintaining their success in a highly competitive international market. They really build things! And, worker efficiency and productivity has become even more vital for the company’s survival in the world market. The self-funded benefit plan that we have in-place has borne double-digit premium savings year-to-date due to the pre-new plan ancillary services that accompany ongoing population management. The Ancillary diagnostic and monitoring programs stir the work force to become engaged. Then, with community physicians, the Flagship leads the way to better worker and dependent health and less sick time. And the physicians are paid extremely well and positioned as leaders of the patient care system. This is not managed care. It is a self-funded community of providers taking ownership in the health outcomes of a specific population.

The Flagship ecosystem continues to gain traction as a creative leader in the broad healthcare and insurance scene. The enterprise is active in many arenas. Next week we will be training with the Scott & White product managers. We will share what we learn. Our primary goal is to always be ahead of the needs of your office’s health benefits & property and casualty insurance needs. As our ownership and operation is composed of the melded energy and experience of physicians, business management, and benefits consulting, we are pleased to bring engagement and understanding to serving your practice’s insurance needs.
Please call 972-484-5888 today for a strong, honest response. Health insurance can be much more than shopping for price and a once a year review. In full circle and through the smoke, it is how our providers are compensated.