Happy Holidays

The staff at PDA and the Flagship Physician Network wants to take this opportunity to wish you a happy holiday season.  During the past year we have made great strides towards our goal of helping physicians make more money with less hassle and no extra time requirements. 

The last several blogs have had special relevance.  We invite you to reread them and take action.

            11/29/2011  Opportunities in Medical Management

            12/06/2011  Opportunities in Telemedicine

            12/14/2011  Flagship Network Growing in the Lakeview Area

            12/19/2011  Year in Review

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Year in Review

This year has been a very active one for PDA.  Management has added Tim Paquette, past COO of the Jefferson Group, and Harris (Buddy) Miers, the founder of JVE (predecessor of Genesis) and past Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer of SPA.  Most importantly, the clinical leadership has added Daniel S. Karin M.D. as the Medical Director, Lana Ralston ANP as Chief of NPPA Development (PDA is the only IPA that allows full membership to nurse practitioners and physician assistants), and Mark A. Heaver D.O., as Practice Manager for Primary Care. These team contributors do not draw salaries from PDA.  With full support from Dr. Dwight Lee, champion of PDA and past Chief of Staff for Doctors Hospital, PDA management wants to strengthen and restore PDA for independent physicians in this age of the “new normal”.  Every strategy for development is screened by three test queries:  (1) Does it make the physician more money, (2) does the concept avoid hassle and (3) is the physician not required to work harder or spend more time.

The messenger model IPAs that credential, hold contracts without the power to negotiate, and provide office supply discounts are old news.  These are essentially cost pass-throughs, and PDA handles them efficiently and at a lower cost than under previous management.  The Federal Trade Commission has decided that government unions can bargain but doctors cannot.  So, old-style IPAs are pretty much two trick ponies…credential and messenger.

PDA is changing the status quo.  Tenet Healthcare has been identified as a direct contracting colleague; a distinctive Medicare Advantage carrier (upside only—no risk) has been selected and granted exclusivity; transitional care is being developed as Medicare is moving to “batching’ reimbursement; medical marketing is proven to work; long term care is being explored; biometrics are in place; wellness is a product; and a fresh telemedicine plan is being developed.  Our IPA has become an ecosystem for new growth, independence and ideas that promote independent capitalism.  This change is innovative and will challenge the status quo.  The leader of one of our IPA competitors has publically criticized the fact that PDA has physicians who carry insurance licenses.  Well, PDA wants to be collegial and agreeable, but the mission of doing more than moving applications and validating papers demands that the organization be creative and hard-hitting in the marketplace.  Shrinking physician earnings make it obvious that it is time to cut the cost and intrusion while adding more revenues. Your buy-in and support is what our “new IPA” needs.

Flagship Network Growing in Lakeview Area

The PDA development team and the leadership from Lake Pointe Health Network spent Monday and Tuesday calling on primary care physicians in the target market. Primary care physicians in Rowlett, Rockwall, Forney, Heath, and surrounding areas heard The Flagship Physician Network story firsthand from the developers.

Lake Pointe Hospital is the value proposition for acute care. Services are robust. Cardiovascular surgery, neonatal care, oncology, wound care, etc. are world class. Plus, the hospital infection rate is superb. The combination of great practitioners and state of the art equipment and facilities add up to the best choice for medical care. There is little reason for the employer or business owner to support patient migration out of the local community and very good reason to encourage local medical care.

Daniel Karin, M.D., Flagship Network Medical Director, was available to discuss the physician compensation plan. He sketched out the plans for medical management.  Led by Dwight A. Lee, M.D. and Dr. Karin, Physician Direct Access (PDA), the IPA core of the concentric network, is materially investing in enhanced credentialing, contract review, and quality management.

The enlistment team was impressed by the physician reception.  Basically, they were offered more commercially insured patients in exchange for their joining PDA.  Not only were the physicians responsive and supportive, they were downright enthusiastic.  In fact the question from most physicians and office managers was “When can we get started?”  The answer to that was…as fast as the physicians are credentialed and included in PDA and arrangements with the third party administrators and stop-loss insurers are complete.

The medical office buildings were spotless and attractive. Adding in the smiling, positive staffs gave us a highly functional medical team.  The Flagship Network has something special to market to the community.  There is no need for patients to go downtown for medical care!

Help the cause by getting the physician and clinician enlistment documentation process underway. Let’s go to market!

Opportunity in Telemedicine

The IPA has a venture project in the final stages of development to provide “telemedicine” for a community healthcare plan.  PDA initially began by carefully selecting a specific market. The selection process included due diligence review of the demographics from a health planner’s viewpoint.  Then, experience was gathered regarding the telemedicine’s success and set-backs in both competitive Dallas and Houston markets. The final site selection was made after walking the ground.  Program development has already been completed, and after determining the needs of the telemedicine care givers, actual financial negotiation for a lease will begin.  . Also, target patient catchment is “in the box”. That leaves final financial proforma polishing with the providers who wish to make telemedicine a big success. The physician and advanced nurse practitioner participants serving under the PDA banner will know that their IPA is totally focused and committed to being the most efficient, patient-centered telemedicine team in the Metroplex.

 Please consider this to be not only a telemedicine opportunity but also the beginning of a major new initiative.  All physicians would like to have their practices loaded with high-paying commercial insurance, but the shelf life and financial margins of fee-for-service medicine is an issue. Yes, the future is going to require that physicians have both “skin in the game” and “mastery of new technology”.  

 If this concept is exciting to you, PDA will explain the step by step plan to provide a new dimension of PCP patient care and a new source of revenue for your practice.

 If interested, please contact Daniel S. Karin M.D., Medical Director of The Flagship Physician Network.