Follow-Up Message on MSO Opportunities

This is an exciting time for Physician Direct Access (PDA). The IPA is privileged to have each workstation filled with a bright, motivated college intern.

Starting today, a four-person team will be working on real world challenges for your IPA, at the same time gaining wonderful practical experience. Quickly, here is what they will start the day with: necessary work in the malpractice quoting area, pursuit of reimbursement issues with the help of the IPA Administrator, scanning documents into our database, general compliance training and HIPAA instruction that enables a higher level of service, and pulling input for Tuesday’s operations review with Dr. Dwight Lee, Chairman and Medical Director of PDA.

A fifth person will be totally engaged in recruiting and fieldwork. This area can still add another intern if you have a child or referral for PDA’s summer internship. The positions have filled up in amazing order.

We now have our program paired with area universities that encourage internships with firms like ours.

We are delighted when a past-intern achieves current tasks and then moves up to a new, more-difficult level of challenge. For example, Shawn Adams, son of Dr. Stuart Peake, has been selected and awarded a grant to attend a fifth year of Graduate finance training by the renown Washington University of St. Louis, Missouri. We intend to be waiting for him upon completion of his MS degree.

Good things are happening here that translate to profitable growth in the complex ecosystem of benefits, managed care, and service delivery.

MSO 2016 Summer Internship Announcement

MSO 2016 Summer Internship Announcement 20160505