Alert! Found Money!!

PDA is constantly seeking ways to add value to your membership.  With this in mind, we have run our membership list through the Texas unclaimed property website, and we have discovered approximately $45,000 available and waiting to be claimed.  Twenty-five of our members appear to have over $500 coming, and 167 of our members appear to have over $100.

Office managers and other personnel should be alerted to check the website for themselves and their families, as should our blog readers who are not PDA members.  The claims process involves providing them with a copy of your photo ID and SS number, and on some claims, they ask for more documentation.  To check your family and friends for unclaimed money, google “Texas Unclaimed Property”.

The Flagship Network Is Operational!!

Independent physicians, their PDA contracting mechanism, and Tenet Healthcare Corporation (THC) with its 501.a support team, are establishing a community market presence with a special national healthcare plan. Preparations for this innovative plan were initiated in 2011.  A collaborative effort of THC, PDA (its preferred independent physicians association), and a benefits consulting firm has crafted the Flagship exclusive provider organization (EPO) and preferred provider organization (PPO).

“This has been accomplished at rapid speed, with no legacy mistakes. The plan has definite replication capability, and it is without any debt”, states Buddy Miers C.E.O. of the Flagship product. ‘We intend to proactively bring new commercial revenues to the Tenet organization, its physician colleagues, and the developer,” add Daniel S. Karin, M.D., Medical Director and Dwight A. Lee, M.D., Chief Medical Officer. “The distribution and sales vehicle is operated by the same providers of care and benefits who conceived the Narrow Network model. This is a pure integrated healthcare strategy without an acquisition price to Tenet or a burdensome level of overhead. The absence of overhead translates to big savings for the benefits customer.

The Flagship network is privileged to have a partnership of physicians, allied health providers and facilities that translates into high quality, cost effective medical care.  As a result, the medical staff, outpatient services, and inpatient care have been crafted into a highly competitive delivery team for the Flagship communities.  Cost savings coupled with good healthcare equal new community jobs and profits.

A community hospital with expertise and snap can be a big cost saver for the local business owner/operator. The big leap has been made for both the hospital and medical staff. They realize that the polarity has to be reversed. This new solution to the benefits cost issue has to be aggressively taken to the street, the Chamber of Commerce, the coffee shop, the work place, and to the American worker.  A face-to face credible message is the pathway to new relationships. Business owners are eager for this solution!