“Hello, ICD-10.”

PDA Poll Results

Prior to the switch over to the new ICD-10 system, the Flagship MSO conducted a brief telephone poll of PDA’s primary care physicians, who were asked the following question:

“Do you feel prepared for the ICD-10 roll out?”

Of the doctors’ offices we attempted to contact, 71 percent gave us a reply. The vast majority of responses were variations on a good-natured theme of “I think so. We’ll see!”. Less than ten offices reported “Not yet!” and/or “We’re still downloading software.” A dozen offices told us of impending training, just days before the ICD-10 launch. And, we received a respectable number of respondents who came back with an emphatic “Yes, we’re ready!”

Now that ICD-10 has been in effect for a few weeks, we want to follow up with another informal poll, see how our PCPs are fairing after the initial roll out.

In the meantime, we want to share the following ICD-10 Check List from the American Medical Association, in an effort to help you gauge your office’s success or perhaps suggest any potential blind spots or other places that could use more attention, hopefully avoiding unwarranted drama and payment delays….

The independent physicians of PDA are up to this task!

View from 20,000 Feet…

Here is a Big Hooray for IPA providers and their staff teams!

PDA has been as close to the ICD-10 switchover as it could without actually handling claims. IPA anxiety and concern were constant companions as the national conversion to the ICD-10 diagnostic and billing code system became a reality.

We knew that the office managers were training and preparing for the change. We also were preparing, although direct billing is not what we do. We have been asking the primary care members and the specialist cadre how they were coming. They sent back feedback indicating determination and preparation. We went to others in the managed care field and in confidence asked where they thought we were in a collective sense. We also listened to the hospital contacts, which we value. And, as the time came close, there was an overall sense of very hard work and preparation.

It appears that training has carried the day! Today, we had no “Help” calls. Michele Hollins, your IPA administrator, reported today that Friday was a positive, productive day. We will take a “good day” any time! But please keep your guard up.

We still have concerns about smaller practices and health plans that were slow to invest in training. There are challenges in dealing with the more robust codes, and there may be more issues yet to see unfold.

CMS is quoted as believing that there was no news of great difficulty at this time. Enthusiastic praise is also due to the hospitals who have been working to expedite the change since before last year. From 20,000 feet, it is looking good for the initial days of a major system change and roll-out.